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  with the development of science and technology, change has penetrated into every aspect of our daily life. to illustrate that, i'd like to make a comparison of these two seemingly insignificant things: milkman and mailman, whose differences indicate our changing way of living with the times.

  home milk delivery has almost gone extinct in china now, also gone with it are the milkmen, who once delivered bottled fresh milk door-to-door. on the other hand, mailman's business or the courier service has thrived as online shopping gains popularity. however, in retrospect, i find something has been lost in this transition, something shakespeare called as “the milk of human kindness”。

  when i was a kid, milk wasn't for sale everywhere. for the families who need it, they depended on the milkmen to take it from the local dairy farms to their houses. in our neighborhood, there was such a milkman, whose arrival was much anticipated by the children and always brought us laughter and joy. he knew the name of every kid and could easily see through our tricks. if we didn't behave, he would side with our parents and threaten to rob us of the nutritious drink. the entire neighborhood was acquainted with him; saw him as a member of the community just like the many residents or street vendors. there was a bond between all of us for it was not only the commodities that been transacted, but also a sense of caring and dependability. and that small box fixed onto our door, other than being a drop-off point for milk; it was a communication junction between the people as we took the initiative to reach out to others.

  fast forward to today, milk is ubiquitous with no dedicated delivery system. but the convenience level of our live has gone up a notch. almost everything is for sale online, which spares us all the travelling and talking. with a few ready clicks, shopping is done. the rest is left for those speed delivery companies. usually it's a grumpy mailman, who reaches us through cell phone, urging everyone to pick up their parcels as soon as possible. and the minute the receipt is signed, we rush back to unpack while the courier dashes to the next destination. there is barely a conversation carried out, nor do we feel the need to talk to such a stranger, who changes from time to time frequently. it seems that people are always in a hurry now, though we have more conveniences, still we run short of time to stop and stare, to speak and share.

  call me an old-timer, but i think the personal touch represented by the milkman is what has been missing in the modern society. william wordsworth once wrote that “getting and spending, we lay waste our powers.” modern technology may have multiplied our possessions or gave us more conveniences, but we run the risk of reducing our values if we lay waste our power of interpersonal relationships.

有以下优势:  一、年龄优势。我刚过而立之年,正处在干事业的最佳年龄,身体健康,精力旺盛,头脑灵活, 思想成熟。  二、事业心强,有进取精神,能出色完成领导交办的各项工作任务。工作踏实肯干,力求完美。[db:cate]
??要求自己,上课时认真听讲,不做小动作,不交头接耳,按时完成作业,把学习搞好的同时,积极参加各种活动,多阅读课外书籍,了解更多的知识,用自己的行动去影响身边的同学。  人无完人,金无足赤。我可能没有[db:cate]
怨言。  知道每年11月的第四个星期四是什么节日吗?是美国的感恩节。每年的那时,美国人都要感谢上帝。而对我们高中生而言,我们也要感谢“上帝”,不过,这是赋予我们生命的“上帝”——我们的父母。  小的时[db:cate]
?开安全,只有在安全工作的基础上,才能做好加油站的各项工作。  1、进一步增强安全意识,加强安全引导,减少安全隐患。做好加油站员工的安全意识教育工作,同时,认真做好警示、提醒、劝导,杜绝车辆进出无序、[db:cate]
?了较强公文写作能力,操作计算机能力和沟通协调能力。  在XX电信实业的三年多时间里,作为综合办公室负责人,我通过合理安排,全面落实,不断树立办公室工作新气象,努力开创办公室工作新局面,使企业的内外关[db:cate]
?,父母们花去了多少的心血与汗水,编织了多少个日日夜夜;从上小学到初中,乃至大学,又有多少老师为我们呕心沥血,默默奉献着光和热,燃烧着自己,点亮着他人。  所以我们感谢父母,感谢他们给予的生命,抚养我[db:cate]
??理。  第四,就是我还年轻,有健康的身体,青春的活力,容易接受新鲜事物,有开拓创新的潜能,有满腔的热情和朝气蓬勃的心态。  如果竞聘成功,我的工作打算是:  在做好开户、通兑、现金调拨、财务报表、[db:cate]
一方面我认为自己具备担任副主任的素质  一是有吃苦耐劳、默默无闻的敬业精神。工作前,我参加过“双抢”,工作后,我担任过三个班高三和一个班高二的物理教学。我爱岗敬业,工作踏踏实实,兢兢业业,一丝不苟,不[db:cate]
?方面我认为自己具备担任副主任的素质  一是有吃苦耐劳、默默无闻的敬业精神。工作前,我参加过“双抢”,工作后,我担任过三个班高三和一个班高二的物理教学。我爱岗敬业,工作踏踏实实,兢兢业业,一丝不苟,不[db:cate]