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  Dear visitors: before reaching the sun yat-sen's mausoleum, begin by telling you a brief introduction of sun yat-sen's life. Sun yat-sen, named sun wen, word yat-sen, engaged in revolutionary activities in Japan once known as "zhongshan firewood". He was born on November 12, 1866 in xiangshan county of guangdong province tsui (now zhongshan city), is the leader of the revolution in China. Sun yat-sen once studied abroad in his early years, in 1892 graduated from the Hong Kong institute of medicine, was once to practice medicine. Of the 20 (superscript th) century China, disaster, the qing government to sign the country with the imperialist powers of the national treaty, making China into a semi-colonial and semi-feudal society completely suffering abyss. * * * * witnessed the qing government, sun yat-sen resolutely give up practicing medicine, devoted to the revolution, in August 1905 and a group of bourgeois revolutionary intellectuals, organization set up in Tokyo Japan in China's modern history the first organisation with a nature of bourgeois parties "Chinese brothers", put forward the "nation, the people's livelihood, civil rights," that is, "three people's principles" revolutionary programme. From 1907 to October 1907, brothers in our country continuously launch armed uprising in south China, especially in the April 27, 1911, launched the guangzhou uprising. Guangzhou uprising, though ultimately failed, for the same year on October 10, the wuchang uprising victory laid a foundation. From then on, the provinces have, * * * * for over 2000 years of Chinese feudal monarchy, the profound and far-reaching influence of China's modern history a great revolution, the revolution.

  On December 29, 1911, in the central of the interim government meeting, everybody unanimously elected sun yat-sen as the provisional President of the republic of China, to discuss China's temporary government and east of nanjing, determined for the first year of the republic of China in 1912. On January l, 1912, sun yat-sen as temporary President from Shanghai to nanjing. But because of the support of yuan shikai and revolutionary compromises, on April 1, 1912, sun yat-sen as temporary President formally, yuan shikai steal revolutionary fruit, and its capital Beijing. Revolution despite setbacks, but sun yat-sen not discouraged, continue to expand the dharma, protecting movement, movement for yuan. In January 1924, the first cooperation with the communist party of China, and put forward the "united Russia, the communist party, the peasants" of the "new three people's principles". Until late liver cancer, he still endure pain, north and feng yuxiang to discuss affairs of state. On March 12, 1925, died in Beijing due to the deterioration of liver disease.

  Sun yat-sen was very like to zhong shan (mountain). As early as in 1912, as temporary President, had been hiking tour. On April 1, the same year was discharged after the post of President, here hunting, see here landscape dependencies, magnificence, had his back to rest the idea of the mountain. Dying in Beijing, he also never forget this dream, urges. Sun yat-sen buried purple mountain, of course, is not just an individual desire, there is another important reason, is that nanjing was the birthplace of the revolution and the temporary seat of government, sun yat-sen reposing in this, said the crusade against the monarchy and the resolve to continue to revolution.

  In order to respect the sun yat-sen's wishes by the lady soong ching ling, son sunke composed of people such as sun yat-sen was buried in Shanghai, by publicizing award, solicitation mausoleum design scheme. In numerous candidates, the age of 33, alarm bell shape design of young architects Lv Yanzhi design was awarded the first prize. He has been hired to host all project. Lv Yanzhi is dongping county of shandong province, was born in 1894 in tianjin. Early architecture in tsinghua university after graduation, has been sent at Cornell university in the United States, at public expense by American famous designer shigeru the guidance of the Philippines, back home, open "he architecture firm" in Shanghai. In order to design, sun yat-sen memorial hall, sun yat-sen's mausoleum in nanjing and guangzhou, and hard-working. In close to the end of the project, who is suffering from liver cancer, died on March 18, 1929, at the age of 36.


  Sun yat-sen's mausoleum friends, came to a famous historical and cultural city, you must want to see the most famous, the most distinctive local attractions. In nanjing, if did not go to sun yat-sen's mausoleum, say that you see only the half of nanjing. Although nanjing, long known as "the six dynasties ancient capital", has "jinling 40 landscape" and so on numerous scenic spots and historical sites, but sun yat-sen's mausoleum is undoubtedly one of the most attractive, one of the most famous.

  Speaking of sun yat-sen's mausoleum, of course, must be mentioned in its master, the great national - the main revolutionary forerunner sun yat-sen. Mr. Sun name sun yat-sen,. Foreign friends all call him "Dr. Sun yat-sen". Because he is engaged in revolutionary activities in Japan when used pseudonym "zhongshan firewood", so he is regarded as sun yat-sen in China. Sun yat-sen was born on November 12, 1866 in xiangshan county (now zhongshan city) in guangdong province tsui a peasant family. He flew high and rare successively studied in Honolulu, Hong Kong and other places, to practice medicine in places such as guangzhou, Macao after graduation. Later he medical politics, and in Japan in 1905, the organization to China union, had been pushing for the prime minister, put forward the "drive out by lu, to restore the, the establishment of the people - the average land ownership" of the famous platform, and the "nation, civil rights, the people's livelihood" - the doctrine of three people.

  On October 10, 1911 years after the outbreak of the wuchang uprising, Mr Sun was seventeen provinces represent pushing for the Chinese people - the temporary President, and the following year New Year's day was sworn into office in nanjing. Since then, has experienced the "yuan shikai mean" "second revolution" "nation sports" ups and downs, such as the "method of protection - movement in guangzhou in 1921, he became the Chinese people - the President very much. Chinese nationalist party (KMT) held in guangzhou in January 1924 the first national congress, he will be the old three people - development for the new three people -, put forward the "which was allied with Russia the peasants" of the three policy. In November the same year he came at the invitation of the feng yuxiang north discuss national plans, eventually because became ill because of overwork, died in Beijing on March 12, 1925.

  Sun yat-sen's mausoleum burial site is Mr. Sun was selected. This vision, meteorological ambitious, indeed is a good place to build mausoleum. You may ask; Mr. Sun was born in guangdong, died in Beijing, all his life to travel around for the revolution, why choose nanjing as a final resting place?

  It is said that as early as in 1912 as temporary President Mr. Sun, soul valley temple abbot monk is has been recommended to him the "would in the former, with green ailian" feng shui treasure. That year on March 31, Mr Zhongshan for the peaceful reunification, resolutely resigned from the presidency. One day in early April, his hunting around with hu and others to the Ming tomb, came to rest now tomb is located. Mr. Sun looked around and said to the left and right sides, after the death of my future want to the land to bury the national obtained (national begging for me after I died someday, to be a pile of soil in place for body). The purple mountain, of course, the momentum of feng shui is not Mr. Sun as the root cause of this decision. Mr Sun last asked: "after my death, can be buried in nanjing zijin foothills, for nanjing interim government was established, so don't forget the xinhai revolution." So, although Mr Sun in nanjing residence time is not long, but nanjing is has special significance for Mr. Sun. He chose nanjing purple mountain as a burial site, fundamentally speaking, is to commemorate the revolution, the revolution colleagues.


  Each group, we now come to the second peak of nanjing purple mountain, small maoshan foothill, here is the great pioneer of Chinese democratic revolution sun yat-sen's tomb is located - sun yat-sen's mausoleum.

  Of sun yat-sen's mausoleum burial site was selected. Sun yat-sen alive in March 1925, Mr. Sun. Dying, he asked about "after my death, can be buried in nanjing zijin foothills, for nanjing interim government was established, so don't forget the xinhai revolution."

  Lv Yanzhi designed by sun yat-sen's mausoleum, flat as a "MuDuo" form, shape such as clock, a symbol of the sun spirit, such as a loud bell, no far, this design is the most accord with "arouse people" meaning. In Mr Will be "buried in Shanghai" think "simple solid and completely according to the spirit of ancient Chinese architecture", to "unanimously decided to adopt", mausoleum first anniversary of the death of sun yat-sen founded on June 1, 1926, was completed in the spring of 1929.

同学们大家好,我是***,来自***,*岁。  在我的大学生涯中,我一直都认为人应该是活到老学到老的我对知识、对本专业一丝不苟,因而在成绩上一直都得到肯定,每学年都获得三等奖学金。在不满足于学好理[db:cate]
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