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  新疆景点英文导游词范文1:Hami back to the palace

  Guangxu (1882), eight years ShaMu hu sauter inheritance, palace for the expansion and renovation. After the expansion of wangfu accounted for a quarter back to town, the area has room for more than 880, size nine gate house. Is a gate structure of match well of Chinese and western, the eaves ridge, paintings carved beams, green glazed tile roof. The overall architecture is divided into internal and external two palace, NaGong high ground with walls, appearance is the palace gate type. Thousands of yuan, as officials office accommodation, guards and storage ordnance, entertain guests. Owing to the king is a devout Muslim, therefore the mosque building seriously. In back inside the palace, there are three different size, different style of the mosque.

  Since the wangfu XiMenDong fold to the sitting room, the sitting room is after palace garden. Little garden for rest back to the king and his household. TingXie design is exquisite, with flowers and plants is given priority to, the jiangnan garden style. Many scholars for attached garden, has been in the hami has repeatedly described in the book. Fiji JingFu in "hohai kunlun record" records: "acquired mu, earth with brick, pavilion pavilion three or four divisions, graceful structure, and ancient Yin, flowers, red, white and brilliant, for the middle garden is unprecedented". Xie Bin in the xinjiang travel also wrote: "back to Wang Huayuan, TingXie number, arrangement is appropriate. All the trees of walnut, Yang, yu, tall and spreading, and herbaceous peony, peach, apricot, red-violet to various". Due to hami wang back depend on the qing government to maintain the rule of feudal lords, and since the qing dynasty xinjiang uygur cure area feudal princes and maintain a longest-ruling, and hami in xinjiang has exerted a great influence in history, and keep a special relationship with the qing government.

  To the qing government to loyalty, back to the king in the northeast corner of the garden, also built there is a flower, with Chinese classical architecture ShangZhai sits three flour wall, positive applique partition board is wood doors and Windows. Palace on display from qing sai-jo to DE zong color portrait of the emperor, like the use case, vermilion on the memorial tablet, write the name and born on pawn, the emperor on the spring and autumn period and the rainy season every year, back to the king and hami officials are to worship.

  新疆景点英文导游词范文2:ShuiMoGou scenic area

  ShuiMoGou scenic area formerly ShuiMoGou park, natural scenery, human landscape and cultural relics, folk customs as a whole, has a long history.

  ShuiMoGou sports leisure tourist area is located in ShuiMoGou district ShuiMoGou scenic area. Including four mountain river its existing, namely the clear spring water mountain, hill, hongqiao mountain, mountain hot springs and ShuiMoGou river, with a total area of about 3.7 km. ShuiMoGou sports leisure tourist area located in the xinjiang urumqi ShuiMoGou tourism scenic area, is the snow lotus hill golf scene of the whole ShuiMoGou park as the center, radiation into the surrounding area, is a healthy recreational area in the ShuiMoGou tourism scenic area, ecological, cultural and recreational area, golf leisure galleries and folk customs.

  ShuiMoGou sports leisure tourist area for positioning, urumqi nanshan scenic area, the surrounding tianchi scenic spot, which are characterized by natural scenery, the content of the tourism focus on the enjoyment and leisure, and ShuiMoGou sports leisure tourist area in addition to the natural scenery and many humanities culture characteristics, and is also the only, in xinjiang snow lotus hill golf course at the same time ShuiMoGou sports leisure tourist area of the city recently, is the general public and to urumqi tourism people live, the best place to cultivate one's morality yangxin. According to the requirement of the urban planning, regional tourism development situation, the scenic spot of internal resources condition and the developing trend of background analysis, this program will ShuiMoGou characterised as: with large area of forest development goals, with characteristic holiday leisure tourism as the main content of facilities, in order to "nature", "cold pool", "border town", "Great Wall" and other content as the subject matter, meeting exhibition function, leisure function, holiday leisure function, sightseeing function as one of the super large comprehensive tourism service base, and at the same time create a qualified quality of provincial scenic spot.


  HuoZhou authors, is a "peach garden". The ditch everywhere have a desirable place. It is located in the west of the volcano, the north-south, 8 km, 2 km wide from east to west, booee Luke river (authors) river crossing. Groove in the lush, planted seedless white, horse milk, white and dry, red roses, cable and other hundred kinds of grapes, and formed a natural museum of the grapes. Grape ditch tourism reception, grapes two meters tall scaffolding to the corridors of the vines are intertwined, clusters of grapes reach, sparkling water seeping between fed aquarium, quiet quiet and tastefully laid out, all you need to do is spend a few dollars, it can be picked fresh grapes to eat enough.

  Authors was named national 5 a-class scenic area, scenic areas, where putaogou amusement park, now has a luobin wang music art museum, dawa transcribing the folk custom garden vineyard, oasis and the characteristics of the Uighur architecture, folk folk peasant life, experience the Uighur ethnic village, etc.

  Beautiful scenery of the authors is famous for widely planted grapes, especially the production of seedless white grapes, thin skin, tender meat, juicy and delicious, nutritious, known as the "pearl" the laudatory name, the sugar content as high as 20-24%, more than grapes, California in the world. With seedless grapes dasycarpus drying system of raisins, sugar content as high as 60%, are regarded as treasures of grapes. Where putaogou valleys is long and narrow, streams, vegetation wheatgrass. Valleys on both sides of cliffs, steep cliff cliff, ditch slopes under the river is the world's most sweet grapes, the authors like a sweet river, everywhere dicui honey, sweet blow out. Because of fresh grapes should not be stored, can consider to buy some raisins go home. About 15 to 20 yuan per kilogram, price is a little expensive than that of turpan city, but cheaper than the price of urumqi.

  Uygur dance in grape communication is an important project, developed into the collective "MaiXiLaiFu" song and dance show, kabuki actors will invite you and dance with them. At the time of the show, you will be arranged to sit in a special position in the courtyard, eating fresh fruits while watching the show, the stage is set under the grape trellis a simple platform. Dance of the young men and girls are the most beautiful in the village.

  Authors have a luobin wang music art museum, opened in May each year, it closes to the end of October of the same year during the opening completely free. The museum displays a history of hundreds of pictures and a large number of precious cultural relics, detailed introduction to the tourists Mr Luobin wang more than 60 years of music accomplishment and little-known story. Turpan grapes besides have fragrance overflowing honey melon and fruit, peculiar landscape scenery and ethnic customs, and numerous scenic spots and historical sites, only country and autonomous region level key cultural relics protection units there are fourteen. Is still standing bath for over two thousand years of ups and downs of gaochang, jiaohe city, through the vicissitudes of wind colour BaiZi crick thousand-buddha grottoes murals, body discovered in possession of one thousand astana tomb complex, the structure of the unique islamic architecture in qing dynasty, su gong tie is tower in the story of journey to the west, it is full of myth and legend of the volcano, magnificent artificial karez underground rivers, vineyard grapes girl touching love songs, speck "bazaar" amorous feelings, under the grape trellis amorous feedings of uygur dance, as well as 24 million years ago the only one like huge rhinoceros fossils, the turpan become a treasure of ancient cultural heritage assemble and harmony "HuoZhou", "wind state", "bar" and "oasis" as one of the natural geographical history museum.

同学们大家好,我是***,来自***,*岁。  在我的大学生涯中,我一直都认为人应该是活到老学到老的我对知识、对本专业一丝不苟,因而在成绩上一直都得到肯定,每学年都获得三等奖学金。在不满足于学好理[db:cate]
一 、实习题目  1、 灰度线性变换  2、 灰度的对数变换  3、 锯齿波变换  4、 图像剪取  二 、实习目的:  1、 巩固和深化数字图像处理技术所涉及的数理基础、基本算法和各种图像处理技[db:cate]
开场:感谢瑜伽队的妹子们为我们带来如此精彩的开场演出。  (走到台中央,鞠躬)  各位,晚上好,在本次决赛晚会开始前呢,请允许本人做一个稍微有点长的开场。 本次天瑜伽园杯第二届瑜伽大赛由北京理工大[db:cate]
篇一:杭州古运河导游词  各位游客:大家好!欢迎大家来到江南水乡城市——无锡!  小徐今天带大家走的是一条比较特殊的水上线路——古运河!希望大家注意安全,千万不要落入水中,否则,我们中午就多了一道[db:cate]
各位游客:  大家好!欢迎到苏州乐园游览,苏州以古典园林小桥流水著称于世,现在,我们不妨换换口味,到东方的“迪斯尼乐园,领略缤纷绚烂的欧美风采,感受自然淳厚的东方情调,陶醉于现代游乐高科技的刺激之中[db:cate]
给姐姐结婚祝福语  1、洋溢在喜悦的天堂,披着闪闪月光,堪叹:只羡鸳鸯不羡仙。  2、今天,我带着喜乐、感恩的心灵,代表教会向你们致以衷心地祝愿:主作之合永恒情,情投意合爱不息,愿上帝祝福你们的爱[db:cate]
1 让平安搭上鸡年的快车道,让快乐与你轻轻拥抱,让困难与你刮目相看,让烦恼低头悄悄走掉,让吉祥对你格外关照,让幸福对你永远微笑!祝鸡年快乐!  2 鸡年到了,愿你:生一份活泼泼的心情,过一年红[db:cate]
各位家长:  紧张繁忙的都市,家长繁忙的工作,城市中成长的孩子们,渴望与父母一起走进大自然、触摸大自然,了解大自然  在这丹桂飘香的金色日子里,让我们和我们的孩子一起去接触、了解、热爱、美丽的大自[db:cate]
首先欢迎各位家长,在百忙中来参加这次家长会。您对孩子的关爱,对我们工作的支持,表示感谢!孩子是您的希望,是祖国的未来!你我有共同的目的,肩负着对他们的教育。  一直以为这个班以成绩优异著称。以前,[db:cate]
一 实践的目的和意义  毕业之前到印刷厂实践是高职印刷专业学生必修的专业实践课,是高职学校全程教学计划中的一项重要组成部分,是培养学生实践能力的重要环节,也是学生进入毕业设计前的实践准备。  毕[db:cate]


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